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Simple Steps to Making Your Apartment Allergy Free!

Some of the most common allergens found in apartments include dust mites, pet dander, and mold. These allergens are found year-round and can be a constant annoyance to your health if allergic. Here is a helpful guide to keep you, and your family happy and comfortable in your home.

When apartment hunting it is important to be conscious of allergy factors, and if the apartment is up to date with controlling these factors. Lucky for you our modern apartments help with these factors.

  • Well ventilated bathrooms
  • Good flooring
  • Lots of windows for ventilation
  • Updated piping and heating systems
  • Access to laundry

These factors may seem simple but can make all the difference! With living in apartments closer to your neighbors, you need to equip to protect your home against these environmental factors. These simple steps to take into account when maintaining your apartment will help your overall allergy health.

Regularly do Your Laundry

Dust, pollens, pet hair, and other factors can cling to your clothing. It is important to wash your clothes regularly, as well as your body and hair.

Air out the Apartment

By opening windows, and letting fresh air in. Sounds simple, but fresh air can do wonders!

Regular Cleaning of Apartment

Pay extra care to keep the bathroom and kitchen areas clean and dry. If mold is one of your allergies, get your apartment checked for mold. Having up to date appliances, heating system, and plumbing is crucial. Luckily, we provide all of that in our apartments.

Care for Your Pets

If you own a pet, regularly clean the animal. Vacuum after your pet so that dander can be decreased.

Vacuum and Dust

Dust can come overnight, even if you do not see it. It is important to keep up on your dusting of all surfaces, as well as vacuuming the floors. Dust can be a very irritating allergen, so it is important to keep it in control.

Change Air Filters

Dust and dirt can cling to air filters quickly, so it is important to ensure your filters are being changed.

Keep Humidity Levels Low

Having too much humidity in your home can increase growth of mold and dust mites. If your environment is humid you can buy dehumidifier allergy machines that will decrease humidity in your home.

Modern Living room

Being conscious of your living environment can help you live a happier healthier life of comfort. Ultimately taking these steps to maintain a clean-living environment.

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