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Are you looking for simple, stunning, and cheap ways to decorate your apartment? Well, don’t worry I’m here to help. I’m about to give you 3 simple and creative ideas on how to make your apartment feel like your own home but on a budget! Apartments are hard to decorate especially if the landlord wouldn’t even dream of letting you touch those drab white walls. So, how can you decorate the walls without repainting or hanging up a bunch of pictures and pounding nails into the wall? There’s a simple and easy solution that both you and your landlord will love that won’t break the bank.

#1 – Washi Tape Statement Walls

Washi tape is a cheap and inexpensive decorative tape that sticks to walls but easily pulls off without peeling off the paint. There are so many colors/designs that you can turn any wall from drab to fab.

Use washi tape to make picture frames for all your favorite photos! Or create a city landscape that creates an urban modern feel.

#2 – Have a space that needs a pop of color?

Try taping fake flowers to the wall to give it its own unique feel. You could even tape these flowers around door or window frames to make every day feel like a warm spring day.

#3 – Does your counter space need an upgrade?

Terrariums are mini gardens placed under glass that will create an outdoor feel. Use fake plants so you don’t have to worry about watering them! There are so many possibilities of containers you could use, and they all look so chic and clean! Everyone will love them!

There’s always a way you can make your apartment feel more like home without causing any damage and without breaking the bank. All these ideas are simple and easy solutions to give your boring apartment a serious upgrade.

Enjoy decorating, and thanks for reading!!

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