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As average adults, we typically spend about 8 hours working every day from our desks on business days. That is about 2,400 minutes a week! One of the major disadvantages of sitting on our chair for long hours is that is affects the blood circulation of our body. Having this sedentary lifestyle is directly affecting our overall health and we are forgetting how to properly take care of ourselves. We need to pay attention to our body when we sit for a prolonged amount of time, and make sure that we are standing for at least 15 minutes for each hour of work. So here are 5 ways to increase your blood circulation and overall health while at work.
Park far away and take the stairs

This is such as simple and easy thing that we could all do. Start the day with a fast walk from your car to the office building to increase your heart rate. If you leave your lunch in the car, that gives you another reason to get up and get moving. Always take the stairs when you have the opportunity, each flight of stairs can burn an average of 2.5-5 calories and can also increase your heart rate.

Go out to lunch

Hate standing in lunch lines? Well, just think about how much standing time you are getting during you work day! This is a great excuse to get up, get out, and burn some calories along the way. A survey in Britain found that people who regularly eat at their desks consume more calories and snacks than those who dine out. The ones who dined at their desk ate more than 1,200 calories during a working day. See what happens to your health when you leave the office and eat out!

Track your steps

Tracking your daily steps is an easy way to know how active you are each day. A typical walking pace is 100 steps per minute. If you get up and walk around for about 5 minutes every hour, that’s 4,000 steps per work day! A 150-pound person who walks for about 5 minutes at 3 mph can burn about 20-25 calories. That’s about 160-200 calories extra calories burned!

Stand while you work

Standing while you work has incredible benefits. They include less obesity risk, reduced cancer risk, longer life, better posture, and many more! Not only will standing while you work give you all these benefits, but it could also cause you to be more productive because of the endorphin’s your body releases when you increase your heart rate.

Buy an active desk chair

Buying an active desk chair would be a worthwhile investment. Adjustable stools and seats can fit either work style–standing or sitting–they support constant movement throughout the day by being just unstable enough to keep your muscles in motion.

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