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Spring is almost here! We are so close to putting our snow boots and windshield scarpers aside, and breaking out our shorts and sandals! Although, along with spring time comes the much-needed spring cleaning. After months of holiday parties, trading chores for a comfy day in bed with a cup of hot chocolate, we all need to spend some time cleaning out the old to make room for the new! So, we at Seasons Apartments have put together a few clever ways for you to organize this spring! And who knows, it could be even more enjoyable than you planned!


First, let’s start with your shower! Trade miss matched, hard to open, always spilling shampoo bottles for matching, easy to pump bottles. You can purchase these at your local Walmart or home store. Not only will they reduce the amount of soap you spill in your shower, but they look nice too!


Next, doesn’t everyone have the cabinet full of water bottles that you fear of opening, because every bottle could potentially fall, leaving you in a pile of plastic water bottles? Even though they are good for the environment compared to throw away bottle, and we all love them – face it, they are hard to store. Make your life easier by using wine racks in your cabinets to store your water bottles. They will look neat and organized, and fit perfectly in your cabinet.

Water bottle storage

Last, the fridge. One place in a home where it constantly needs to be cleaned out, and never seems to be organized properly. We at Seasons love this neat little tool that you can purchase on Amazon, they reduce underutilized space in your fridge. These removable drawers not only come in lots of different colors, but they make storing things like fruit, yogurts, and juice boxes much easier.


Good luck with your spring cleaning everyone!

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