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When it comes to decorating for the holidays, it might be a little harder coming up with ideas when living in an apartment. But, that doesn’t mean are little options to decorate for the holiday season. Here are a couple of ways that you can feel the holiday spirit within your apartment.

Decorate a Mini Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, your apartment won’t be complete without a tree with all the festive trimmings. However, you probably don’t have room for a full-size tree. Instead, place a mini tree on a coffee table or side table, and decorate it with ribbon, sparkling lights and mini ornaments. You can also give the illusion of having real gifts underneath the tree by wrapping tiny boxes with seasonal paper.

Swap Out Everyday Pieces

In a small apartment, there’s likely not going to be room to hang every piece of art or decoration that you own. Instead, replace one or two of your usual wall pieces with holiday decorations. For example, replace the current photos in frames with photos from holidays past to set a happy and festive mood. Easy and totally affordable!

Hang Garland

Bring some of nature’s greenery into your home by draping garland over cabinets, tables or bookshelves. Wrap some twinkling lights around them to draw attention to the focal point and create a pleasant and subtle glow throughout your apartment.

Decorate Your Door

No matter how small your apartment, there is always room on the door for some holiday decor. For a warm welcome to your guests, hang a festive wreath which can be made of anything from hard candies and garland to ornaments and fabric.

Use Nontraditional Colors

The shades often associated with Christmas are red and green. But such bold colors, if used frequently in your apartment, tend to overwhelm a small space. Instead, consider decorating with a winter theme in mind. Use cool colors like silvers and blues and plenty of metallics, which can give off a charming and sophisticated vibe.

Don’t Forget About the Bathroom

The bathroom is an often-overlooked space when it comes to decorating for the holidays, but there are plenty of things you can do to make this room fit the theme of the rest of your apartment. Wrap twinkling lights around the mirror, place a small decorated tree in the corner or hang greenery over the windowsill.

Dress Up Your Table

Your place settings can be transformed to make the perfect holiday-themed table. Choose colors that coordinate with the rest of your space, whether that’s reds and greens or silvers and blues. Mix and match various shades using glassware, napkins and plates. You can also bring some color or texture to the dining area with a dramatic tablecloth or some fun place mats.


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