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Head into the new year without guilt and be proud that you only spent what you budgeted on gifts this year.

Communication, Expectations & Honesty

Before the hustle and bustle of the holidays really sets in, communicate with friends and family up front about how much you intend to spend on gifts. The sooner you establish your budget, the sooner you can let others know so they can also plan accordingly. That way no one feels bad about not giving enough or spending too much.

Do re-gift – as long as it’s not tacky.

It’s ok to re-gift, if:

  • It is something the person will like.
  • You’ve put some thought into what you’re regifting and who you’re giving it to.
  • You’re giving a gift card to someone who will use it.
Double-up to save time and money.

When you’re out shopping, think about what gifts you could purchase that you would buy for yourself anyway. Maybe you planned on donating to charity – someone on your gift list may appreciated you donating in their name as well. If you like to travel, think about including a friend in a trip you were going to plan anyway. Easiest of all, buy and give in bulk. Buy items at membership-only warehouses that come in packs of two or more to give several people.

Stick to your budget and be ok with doing the minimum.

Review your budget weekly in order to keep it top of mind when you’re out shopping. Also, assign a spending limit to each person and stick to it. Try to simplify your gift giving as much as possible and don’t feel guilty about it. Give a family gift, like a board game or popcorn maker, to your sister instead of giving individual gifts. Bring a plate of homemade desserts for the entire office instead of spending more money and time on individual gifts for each employee.

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