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Let’s face it- apartments usually don’t have the square footage that homes do, luckily there are a few ways to make your space feel more like home, and a bit more spacious without any major construction.

First off, use mirrors on your walls to create the illusion of more space. Mirrors can create an optical illusion where the room looks as if it keeps going, where really, it is just a reflection. Mirrors also bounce more light throughout your space, creating a homey feeling. Mirrors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and a variety of prices so there is always going to be something to fit your style!

Another way to create more space is by pulling furniture away from the wall, especially the couch, can make the room feel bigger. By leaving a little space between the wall, and your furniture can help define your living space, and create an illusion of excess space.

Fewer items within a space can also make the space seem larger. Use furniture that you can also store things in to help reduce the amount of clutter in your apartment. Storage ottomans can store board games, small electronics, shoes, blankets, etc. They are also a great place to pick your feet up and relax!

Finally, use white and calming colors to make your apartment feel less crowded. Lighter colors reflect more light, and create an open feeling in your apartment. Choose lighter colors for furniture, large wall art, large floral arrangements, and add pops of color into your space with throw pillows, blankets, small trinkets, and small floral arrangements.

Good luck apartment decorating!


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