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Keeping your apartment utility bill down is not only great for your wallet, but it is also great for the environment! We’ve put together some great ideas for how to save energy, and save you some dollars!
  1. Do a nightly energy sweep: Make sure you turn off lights, and small appliances before heading to bed. Bonus tip: even electronics that are turned off, but are still plugged in can use energy, make sure to unplug all electronics!
  2. Consider your light bulbs: Energy efficient light bulbs can seem more expensive up front, but they save you money in the long run and last longer!
  3. Wash your clothes in cold water: not only does this save energy, but there will be more water for hot showers!
  4. Purchase a low-flow showerhead: Long showers can use over 17 gallons of water, by using a low-flow showerhead you can still enjoy your long showers and conserve water!
  5. Keep vents open and clean: remove dust and replace filters often to make sure your air conditioning and heating systems do not have to work twice as hard!
  6. Load the dishwasher more effectively: The more dishes you can fit, the fewer times you have to run the dishwasher, saving water!
  7. Air-dry clothing: Not only does not using the dryer conserve energy, air-drying your clothes will keep them looking newer, longer. Score!
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