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How to Save Energy This Winter

Brrr! It is getting cold outside.

Did we even have a fall? It feels like we are diving head-first into winter. Winter comes with so many fun activities. The snow, the holidays, the Christmas lights… all incased in a frozen tundra that is the outside. The struggle every winter in Utah is keeping warm without raising your utility prices through the roof. Everyone likes being warm, but that bill can make even the warmest of feet go cold. Seasons wants you to be comfortable this chilly season but not at a huge personal expense.

Here are some tips and suggestions to keep you warm and cozy this winter without breaking the bank:

  1. Make sure the windows are sealed up for the winter.

We have some chilly days ahead of us. Being surrounded by beautiful mountains means that the winds we get can find their way into your apartment or townhouse. Make sure that your windows are sealed up for the winter. They should be locked and sealed as much as they can be. If available, purchase some removable window caulk or plastic to help seal them.

  1. Make sure you choose the right curtains for the season.

Purchase heavy-duty curtains to prevent any cool air from getting into your apartment. Also, draw them back in the morning on a sunny day. This will allow you to get all the warmth from the sun into your apartment. In the late afternoon or right before sunset, close your curtains to trap all the warmth from the day into your apartment or townhouse.

  1. Clear your window space to let sunlight in.

Sunlight is going to be your best friend during the colder months. Try rearranging the room to make space around the window. Your windows should be completely clear of any objects in front of it. This will allow you to have the maximum amount of sunlight enter your apartment. Your heating bill and, if applicable, your pets will appreciate it!

  1. Invest in a nice rug to trap more heat in.

Another way to trap heat in your apartment is to purchase a good-quality thick rug. Not only will this add a fresh look to your apartment, it will trap your heat to prevent it escaping into the floor.

  1. Get cooking to get some heat going.

If you are desperate to heat your apartment up without cranking up the heat, try cooking! Not only will you get a delicious meal or treat, you will also get plenty of access heat in your apartment to help keep it nice and toasty for you.

  1. Drink warm liquids throughout the day.

Keep your internal temperature up and running! Drinking hot liquids like hot coco, tea, coffee, or warm broth will keep you warm from the inside out. It’s also a perfect way to get more liquids in your body. That will also help your body regulate your internal temperature.

  1. Dress warmly, even inside.

Don’t hang up that jacket when you get inside! Dress in warm layers to prevent keeping the apartment on a constant heat blast. Keeping your feet and head covered and warm is the most important factor in dressing for warmth. Be sure to keep those socks on and wear a beanie around the house!

  1. Get your body moving.

When in doubt, get that body moving! Even if it’s just getting a couple of push-ups and sit-ups in, it will help release energy, therefore generating heat. Lucky for you, all Seasons apartments come with an on-site gym you can use when you need a quick sweat sesh!

  1. Try purchasing a heating pad.

If you can’t get warm with regular blankets, get yourself a heating blanket. There are loads of affordable heating blankets available in your area!

  1. Get yourself a snuggle buddy.

Whether it’s a pet or a significant other, sharing body heat is a great way to warm up! Tip from us to you: sticking your cold feet against another person’s body is a fantastic way to heat up… but it may lose you your snuggle buddy. Proceed at your own risk.


Best of luck keeping warm and cozy!


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