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Apartment Reviews

We are a brand new property! Read what residents have said about some of our other properties.

What they are saying about us

Residents at Seasons For Rent talk about their favorite things at the apartments.

Shaira Razo

March 2023

The property manager always listens to our needs and is ready to solve every single problem as fast as possible. I recommend living here.

Kate Cassiel

March 2023

The property manager is AMAZING 🤩 Thank you for the Great customer service you provided and for all the help!❣️❣️

Jorgie Saylo

March 2023

The best management in Utah! There’s always someone in the office and they are very responsive! Staff answers my questions even if it’s after hours. They will take care of you!

Mialen, Maria Renemae

March 2023

Staff was super friendly! The management team are extremely amazing and genuinely kind! The entire process was smooth and easy.

JZ Louise Pantua

March 2023

Staff helped me in looking for a place. They are very patient and knowledgeable! They treat you like a family and is always there to help you! Maintenance are quick in resolving any request you have.

Angel Czharina Antesco

March 2023

I toured this place and it already felt like home. Manager made me feel like I am part of the community. I recommend this apartment complex to anyone looking for a place in Salt Lake City.

Norlito Jocson

March 2023

Very friendly staff! Staff did a great job in explaining everything. The apartment is clean and the location is perfect.

anya mesias

March 2023

Maintenance request was handled almost immediately. Staff were responsive and professional. Manager helped me select the apartment and go over the whole process.

Rd Baria

March 2023

I can’t say enough good things about this place. The views are absolutely amazing. Manager went above and beyond to help us with our housing needs.

Debb Amar

March 2023

The location is convenient and the amenities this apartment offers are great. Staff is very patient and knowledgeable in going through the leasing process.

Budhi OConnor

February 2023

Last week we went there without any appointment – we meet up with the manager, she was very welcoming to us and giving us a apartment tour, giving us information regarding the apartment’s pricing and every little thing. She assured us that the process will go as smooth as possible – thank you. You’re above and beyond customer service – top notch!

Armando Lopez

February 2023

Friendly place and good quality service.

Banshee G

January 2023

I’ve recommended this place to my family and friends! Exceptional customer service from staff! Breathtaking mountain views and convenient location that’s close to the trax station. There’s always someone in the office to answer my questions.

Jason VanWagoner

January 2023

Have always handled any issues with speed and efficiency. Issues have been few by the way. I’ve never rented before but this place is top notch when it comes cleanliness and maintenance.

Janelle Vaught

January 2023

I lived at Seasons at Murray Crossing for a few years. The staff has always been awesome and I loved this building. Unfortunately I just had to move to help take care of my mom, but I will always love the property and staff. Me and my dog (Duke) will miss them a lot. I used to live downtown at Seasons at Library Square and ended up moving to the Murray location. Staff are all awesome. Maintenance was always very prompt and the property was always beautiful. Duke will miss his daily visits to the office to see his friends. The apartments are located close to trax/frontrunner and shopping. It was easy living here without a car for me. I recommend this property to anyone and everyone.

Rojuan Delfinado

January 2023

Working with the property manager and her team was a very smooth process. I appreciated their quick response times to all my questions, and concerns! I highly recommend this place!

Ronnie Magbiray

January 2023

Beautiful apartments! Close to freeway and Fashion place mall! Manager is very kind to go over the process with us.

Clint Jason Villaruz

January 2023

Great experience overall. The manager helped me with the process all throughout. Amazing and hardworking team of people!

Jarqueo, Maegan L.

January 2023

Thank you to the property manager for your excellence. She definitely has a great reputation for professionalism and has a complete understanding throughout the industry. She works above and beyond to makes sure her residents have a positive experience. She is very detail oriented and gets the job done in a timely manner. I highly recommend you working with her! This property is amazing and well maintained.

Dan Huang


The staff here are the best you can find in Salt Lake County. They would try their best to work with you and make sure you have a pleasant experience while staying in their complex. They are more than just the apartment staff. Unlike other apartment staff, they know you by your name, unlike others who keep asking your name every time when you walk in. The property manager, and her crew do work with the tenants and try to do everything they can to solve the problem. I personally think that price for this complex is really reasonable, but for those who think it is expensive, I only have a few word to you. You should not expect a Cheesecake Factory service while you are paying Burger King price. If you get a chance, check this place out! you will totally fall in love with it!

Alyanna Pongyan


Property manager is amazing!!!! I find the staff largely friendly and helpful. I have never lived in an apartment complex where my issues are resolved so quickly and efficiently. Seasons at Murray Crossing exceeded our expectations. When we started searching for homes, It was the first apartment community we have looked at and we love everything about it from proximity to the staff and the amenities. A place you will call home.

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