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Moving In With Your Partner For the First Time

Communication, communication, communication!

So, you have decided to take the plunge and move in with your partner for the first time. We at Seasons Apartments couldn’t be more thrilled for you! Renting an apartment with a partner is exciting and very new territory.

No matter how good your relationship is, you can always expect some road bumps on your way of renting an apartment for the first time. Here are ten major tips that will help you out as you first start renting together:

  1. Talk about money

What a mood killer, right? That’s where you would be wrong! Talking about finances is one of the main ways to help your relationship last when moving in together. Prior to moving in, check each other’s credit scores and make sure that you can secure the lease of your dreams! Seasons Apartments love to see a good credit score with those moving in, so the higher you both can get your scores, the easier it will be to move in.

Also, you need to talk about how the rent will be paid. Will only one of you pay the rent? Will you share the rent together? Make sure you plan to sit down with your partner and come up with a budget. That will help you narrow down your search for apartments in Utah.

  1. Talk about cleanliness

Imagine this. You are naturally a very neat and clean person. You spent the day skiing outside of Salt Lake City and wiped yourself out. Excited to get back to your Seasons home, you text your partner you are on your way. You drive home, put away your skis in the garage, and walk through the door only to find that the apartment looks like a bomb went off in it. How could this happen?! Your partner was home all day and had time to clean! Turns out, your partner doesn’t see a concern about this whatsoever. In fact, this is their level of clean!

Be sure to talk about cleanliness standards before moving into an apartment or townhome with your partner. One person’s level of clean could be the other’s disaster zone! What you may not understand is that it isn’t about the dishes or the laundry. It comes down to feeling respected in your home. Make sure to communicate this standard to your partner.

  1. Don’t blow up

For some couples, moving into an apartment for the first time is just like on TV. A romantic couple moves in with one another and shares quips at the very most when they are upset. Or try to hide a huge mistake from the other partner only to result in the mistake being the punchline in the end. Real life isn’t like that. At all. With your partner, you may feel like you don’t want to express every negative or nagging thing with them. So, you bottle all of it up. Until one day, it all explodes, and you launch into a massive fight.

When something isn’t going your way, remember this person isn’t just your roommate. They are your person. Take a breath, and calmly explain how you are feeling in the moment. With relationships, communication is key when living together.

  1. Forget everything you ever knew about them

No, we are serious! If you have never lived with someone, you don’t truly know them. Each of you were raised certain ways and developed certain habits. Some of these habits, you really aren’t going to recognize until you move in together. In fact, your partner may not even know that these habits appear weird and foreign to them! There isn’t much prep when it comes to this tip, but it’s good for both of you to know before moving into an apartment or townhome and renting together.

  1. Make time for yourself

You are about to go from living by yourself to living with your partner 24/7 in a Seasons apartment. That’s a lot to handle! Especially if you choose our one bedroom one-bathroom apartments or studio apartments where there isn’t a lot of separation. It can be done though! Find ways to get that alone time, whether that involves going on a drive by yourself, visiting our pool, or hanging out in the clubhouse. After all, it isn’t wrong that a little distance makes the heart grow founder!

  1. Set rules for having guests

You just moved into your Seasons apartment. Of course, you are going to want to have friends over! You moved into a luxury apartment that is beautiful and high-end. However, are you considering your partner’s level of socialness? Be sure to set rules for having guests over. Talk about how often guests can come over and how late they can stay. It’s important that you and your partner agree on who has access to your apartment or townhouse. Both of you should trust the person in question.

  1. Divide the chores

Are you notorious for doing laundry but never putting it away? Does your partner loath doing the dishes and resorts to eating off paper plates any chance they can get? Talk about who does what chores and make sure they are equal! Nothing is worse than a partner feeling like they do more than their share of the chores. This can result in unwanted stress in your relationship. And who needs that? Dividing the chores evenly will reduce the chance of resentment from your partner. Sit down with them before moving in and make a list of chores each of you will be responsible and let the magic happen afterward!

  1. Realize you aren’t in the honeymoon stage anymore

Playing house sounds amazing to couples wanting to move in. And for a while it is! You are living in sunny Utah in a luxurious apartment. However, this will start to fade as you become not just partners but roommates. You may not be as intimate and lovey as you were initially. This is nothing to fear! It is natural but needs discussion and a plan to cope. Be sure to communicate your feelings for your partner when you live with them. It may be easy to forget the spark in the relationship that existed before you moved in together.

  1. Limit your use of screens

It can be easy to be glued to your phone, tv, or laptop. You may not even realize that it is eating away time you could be using spending time with your partner and engaging in conversations. You should talk with your partner about if there should be a tv in the bedroom or if phones can be used at the dinner table. Even how much time you spend watching shows together should be factored in. Your devices may not be considered a distraction for you, but it most certainly is to your partner.

  1. Talk about your diet

Even if you have been cooking and eating out at restaurants with your partner, it is important to talk about your dietary needs and wants. Even if these aligned at first, you most likely will have different preferences when it comes to food goals or regulations you put on yourself. If your partner is trying to cut back on meat products and you are a carnivore, there is going to be a transition period as both of you learn to navigate a solution for eating meals together now. You don’t have to enjoy the same diet but what you like to cook/eat should be discussed.


So, there you have it! The bottom line of all of this is communication. Sit down and talk with one another before making the choice to move in. We at Seasons are rooting for you! Moving in is an exciting thing! Especially when you are moving into one of our Seasons communities here in Utah.

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