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It’s the new year and that means new goals! Many people find that after a few weeks their goals are no longer on their mind and actions are never taken to achieve them. This post will help you set some meaningful, achievable, one-time goals to make sure you start the new year off right in your apartment.

Cleaning and Organizing

The new year is a great time to clean out all the junk from the year before and start fresh. Try going through closets and donating or re-purposing old clothing that you no longer wear. This will make your closet feel less cluttered and it makes it easier for you to find and wear the outfits you love.

You could also try organizing your apartment to help you save time finding what you need and optimize your storage space in your apartment. Need some organizing tips? Check out our “5 Quick and Easy Ways to Organize’ blog post.

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy can be daunting. Not too many of us know how to eat healthy on a budget. Especially if we have little to no time to cook meals. Many times we overwhelm ourselves trying to change our diet all in one day. To start your new year’s diet off right find 2-3 simple recipes that are quick and simple that you love. This way you can get used to preparing those quick easy meals and can slowly incorporate more meals as you would like. This way your 2-week new year’s diet will turn into lifestyle change you won’t regret. Need some ideas? Check out our “Quick and Healthy Recipes”

Extra tip: Cleaning and reorganizing your fridge helps get rid of the clutter in your diet that can lead to easier meal and snack choices.


In today’s world who has time and money to go to the gym every day? The truth is, very few of us. So how are we supposed to follow through with those new year’s get-fit goals? Home workouts are a GREAT way to save time and money while feeling healthier and knowing your body is getting the exercise it needs. By finding 3-4 home workouts that you can do each week you can achieve those goals that others will leave behind after January, all year long. Need some ideas? Check out our “Workouts for Your Home or Apartment”

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