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Keep your plants alive and healthy!

Plants are a beautiful addition to your home. With apartment or town home living, plants can really liven up your space. These green friends add an element of life, and excitement! But, they do take some care to stay happy. Succulents have become a very popular home décor, and can really add to your apartment. But just like any living thing, they require some TLC. We have provided some helpful tips to help your plants thrive.

Tip # 1:

Know your plant. Finding out exactly what your plant is, is an important first step. Especially with succulents, each type calls for different care.

Tip # 2:

Make sure to keep sugar liquids away from the plants. Small bugs will be attracted to this, and can kill the plants in your apartment.

Tip # 3:

Set your plants in a filtered or direct sunlit area in your apartment. Depending on the type of plant, it will require different levels of sunlight. Plants also require warmth, so keep them in a warm area.

Tip # 4:

Water your plant with the amount it needs. Depending on the plant it could require watering per week or per day. Also, if you have fresh flowers, placing them in medium warm sugar water will help them last longer.

Tip # 5:

Once you find a home for your plant, try not to move it. Plants acclimate based on their locations, you can see this in the plants leaf variations.

Tip # 6:

Keep your plants well groomed by trimming when needed.

Plants can provide stress relief, as well as accent your apartment. By adding a plant in a small space, it can really liven up your apartment. Happy planting!

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