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Living in an apartment can sometimes be tough with all the things we need to store and organize. Sometimes we run out of space or maybe you just want a way to keep your apartment looking decluttered and a little more functional. We will run through a few tips in this post that will hopefully help you find the small space storage solutions that you need.


This first idea is a bit more expensive than DIY projects. That being said looking for multi functional furniture can be a life saver when living the apartment lifestyle. Furniture with internal storage can sometimes be a must in our world of ever shrinking living space. There are several pieces out there for a living room such as a coffee table or couch with compartments inside for easy access storage. And as for the bedroom, we’ve all seen the beds with storage compartments that can be great for opening up more space. We’ve talked about some bigger items but even getting a side table with great storage will help in your endeavor to organize your apartment and increase storage space.

It’s ‘Cozy’ not ‘Cramped’

Most people have lived in homes where we have a room dedicated to one purpose and one purpose only. From watching tv, to making food, to eating food, and even taking off coats and shoes. But the reality is we don’t get that everywhere anymore. Especially in apartments. Because of this we need to change the way we think about things. Sometimes if we have a room that is multi-functional it may be seen as cramped but try and keep it as organized as possible and that cramped room can feel cozy in no time. Multipurpose rooms have become the norm in most inner city apartments, even more so with open floor plans. The key or top to this section is to piece together storage and style overtime to what fits your needs. You can go buy some shelves or a table but we all can’t afford a total repurchase of all of our furniture right? Right. So just keep this in mind while acquiring new things into your spaces.

Bike Storage?

In northern Utah not too many of us are accustomed to commuting via bike. For those that do, I’m sure it can be a hassle to store the bike in your apartment. Bike shelves are great in apartments to not only keep things organized but also to keep the bike out of the way and looking great too. You can find some to purchase online or there are some great DIY walkthroughs as well.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help you in creating your own personalized organized apartment. Check out some of our other blogs for more apartment tips and tricks!

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