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Ten Tips on Throwing a Party in Your Apartment

Are you looking to have a party?

Having a party in an apartment setting can be daunting. You have to worry about who to invite, what to do, and what to serve. For those working with an apartment setting, the size of the apartment could put a damper on the party planner’s spirit. Here are some easy tips to make the most of a small space:


  1. Use all the rooms in your apartment
    Seasons on Skyline Bedroom

    Seasons on Skyline Bedroom

Make the most of your space! Everyone doesn’t need to be crammed into the living room. Straighten up the bedroom areas and make it a space where guests can be entertained.

  1. Creative seating

Who says seating has to be limited to couches and chairs? Bust out pillows and blankets for some creative and bohemian style seating.

  1. Play virtual games

With only so much seating, it can be hard to play board games or other games that take up space. Instead opt for virtual games played with apps on phones or video games.

  1. Label drinks

Be sure to have a way to label drinks! There’s nothing worse than realizing you don’t remember whose drink is whose and having extra cups to throw away or clean later.

  1. Spread snacks around the room

    Keep Snacks available for Guests

Don’t keep the food to just one place in the apartment. This can cause traffic jams around the apartment and, even worse, hangry guests.

  1. Have food ready

Be sure to have food ready before guests arrive! A happy host makes a great party. A stressed host… not so much. Make sure you aren’t having to cook and prepare food while your guests are there so you can enjoy the party too!

  1. Keep the shoes on

Space is limited, especially in an apartment. If you have a house where shoes are typically removed upon entering, change it up and have guests keep shoes on. This will prevent a buildup of shoes clogging precious space that could better be used for mingling!

  1. Pay attention to the temperature

Think about it. Small space plus a lot of bodies is going to amount to a temperature increase in your home. Be sure to open windows or turn on the AC to compensate for this fact.

  1. Designate a space for purses and coats

Having a single place where guests can put their purses and coats will save space in the long run. It can be a couch, a bed, or a closet.

  1. Stick with finger food

No one likes to have a lot of dishes to do. Sticking with finger food will eliminate the need for utensils, saving you wash time or making your party more sustainable through not throwing away plastic.


Did this help you out? Comment below with your suggestions for more ideas on how to throw a party in apartments!


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