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When renting an apartment there are many important items you need to consider! Renting versus owning means you have much more flexibility, and opportunity to live in a place the perfectly fits your needs.
1. Location

Apartments are EVERYWHERE! Make your life easier by choosing an apartment that is near work or school, your favorite entertainment locations, or if you often commute then possibly a freeway entrance or public transportation.

2. Friendly Staff

When living in a multi-family community you often make lots of contact with the community staff members. Make sure they are friendly and welcoming when you come to walk-through the apartment. Bonus points if they have treats, or a free coffee machine available.

3. Clean

This might be a given- although check around other areas rather than just the apartment space you’re renting. Is the clubhouse tidy? Is the pool free of debris and leaves? Does the gym smell good? What about the hallways? Not only is it important to have your apartment well-kept, but the amenities are your home too!

4. Amenities

Amenities are a huge bonus when it comes to renting over buying. While living in a multi-family community you have the opportunity to have a pool, hot tub, clubhouse, movie-theater, gym, pet-parks, etc. which are not usually available in homes! Make sure you get the most bang for you buck and check out the community amenities!

5. Community Events

Another bonus that comes with multi-family communities is community events! Ask your leasing agent what sort of events are planned for the year. Are they hosting a friends-giving, holiday party, pool BBQ? These types of events are great ways to meet people in your community, and entertain your friends!

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